Why Uniforms? It’s Not What You Think.

One of the tenets of a classical and Christian learning environment is that all that we endeavor to do is focused on revealing Truth, Beauty and Goodness unto the Glory of God, our Creator, Designer, Teacher and Lord. Uniforms are important to classical & Christian education because they are part of creating a school culture of Beauty.

To put it simply, special places have special rules & etiquette. 

Our uniform policy is meant to REVEAL Beauty, not to stifle it. Whether it’s music, art, sports, or academics, Geneva Academy allows students to express and define themselves beyond their clothing labels and fashion styles. A unique individual is developed not from appearance, but rather, character, personality and skills.

Students of Geneva Academy belong to a community with a common purpose.
Just as those in the military, on a sports team, and professionals in service careers also dress in uniform,
our students are set apart for their common goal: to Learn… and to Learn to LOVE what’s beautifultrue and good.

Students should dress for their day ahead with a joyful intentionality & sense of belonging, ready:

  • Mentally & physically prepared for the vocation of “student”
  • To focus on first things first, to work hard, to practice self-discipline, to strive for academic success
  • To practice neatness & modesty

Our vision and mission is to train up students who are first Christians and cultivate in them rightly ordered affections or LOVESlove God first and then our neighbor. In many respects, the uniform is the face of Geneva Academy. 1 Corinthians 10:31 states, “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” We believe this principle applies to dress.

Geneva Academy students represent the school, their families, themselves and the Lord God; their appearance should reflect that. Students should understand that getting ready for the work of their day, putting on their Geneva Academy uniform is part of a remarkably beautiful, daily contribution to school pride and giving glory to God.

Read our complete Uniform Policy & review the Dress Code Guide here!

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