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Summer Tutoring Available

Summer Tutoring with Geneva Teachers is available for students this summer! Children do not need to be enrolled at the Academy.

Contact the following teachers directly to discuss possibilities. Not sure who would be a good fit? Send an email with a CC and our friendly teachers will help you choose a good fit for your child!

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Mrs. Aleanna Sorensen, 2nd Grade //
• Teach/tutor Math Fact songs and Fast Facts tricks. These help a lot with multiplication and division facts.
• Math for children 2nd Grade and below

Mrs. Shalena Stratton, 5th Grade //
• Grammar & Reading for 3rd-6th

Mrs. Lenny Lanterman, 6th Grade //
• Math for students going into 4th-6th
• Grammar/writing for 4th-10th grades

Mr. Figueroa, Math/Science //
• Math Workshops and/or Science Labs, for students going into 7th-12th.
• Groups of students welcome.
• Happy to offer Bridge Building & Small Wood Projects Labs.

Mr. Luke Suhr, Math/Science //
• Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry
• Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics