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Your child spends about 1,200 hours in school every year. Hours in classrooms, schoolyards, gyms, and cafeterias. Fretting over exams, grades, projects. Poring over volumes of books. Hours spent on the school bus, or driving across town together, waiting in drop off and pickup lines. Hours spent with teachers and classmates who will - by their instruction and by their relationships - be instrumental in shaping your child into the person they are to become. All of this and more...for what?

Geneva Academy has always celebrated Reformation Day, even in the early days when we had just a few families.  It was not to find a Christian alternative to Halloween.  There are Christian groups who do that; they host harvest parties and provide an opportunity for children to dress in costume, eat candy, and play games without the dark, monstrous, bloody, and evil themes that now mark Halloween observances.  Reformation Day was, and is, an international remembrance of the movement that brought back into common understanding the doctrines of grace, a faith based salvation, the proper worship of God, and the translation of the word of God into the common tongues of Europe.  These major triumphs of the Reformation reshaped European churches, as well as politics, culture, science, education, and the arts.  Without understanding the Reformation, one really cannot understand the history of Europe or of the United States.  Also, it is important for children to know what they believe, and our focusing on different Reformation countries and individuals over the years allows us to recapitulate the ardent discussions that happened in the 16th and 17th centuries.

If you find yourself confused over whether our duty as Christians should be to comply out of love for our neighbors, or to not comply out of love for our neighbors, to comply out of obedience to God, or to not comply out of obedience to God, I suggest doing some careful research.  A good starting point is by watching a series of sermons by local pastor Jeff Scott.  You can find them on the Covenant Grace Media channel on YouTube.  I recommend the sermons “Speaking Truth in a World of Lies”, “Standing for Truth in a World of Lies,” and “Freed to Serve the Lord.”  (You can fast forward to the sermons).  These will help you avoid being mushy in your understanding of the relationship between Biblical imperatives and political freedoms.

There are yet a few days left in the school year, but we can observe with joy and thanksgiving that God has given us a remarkable and healthy year.  We addressed pandemic realities with care but not panic.  We complied with State orders where they did not infringe on parental rights.  We treated our children like children,  not like worrisome super-spreaders.  Parents that had greater need or desire for additional precautions were gracious and patient.  Disagreements over appropriate Covid responses did not split us apart, though good people came to different conclusions.  In short, what mercy and grace God has shown us!  We were able to give our students a full, robust year of instruction, and even now we are planning a Commencement and End-of-Year Soirees.  Let us remember the name of the Lord our God in this time of celebration and relief.

We’ve never seen such clear contrasts between the road that government schooling is taking, and the road that Christian education takes.  The State of Oregon is going all in on Critical Race Theory and LGBTQ+.  Even the feeble support ODE gives for the Constitution and the Christian history that shaped it will be supplanted.  Public education will be all Agenda. So it’s a good time to be a Christian school, whether it’s Geneva, or UVC, or your homeschool! Coupled with that thought is appreciation for what Geneva has accomplished this year.  We have a few weeks of school left, but now seems a good time to highlight some successes, made possible by God’s grace and provision, and good people He’s given to serve Geneva families.

We are giving thanks this week for the wonderful provision of God at our Annual Auction.  Facilitated by many volunteer hands, who worked sometimes into early mornings and through weekends, the school met its lofty fundraising goals. What I’d like to remember here is the admonition in Deuteronomy 8 to look to God as much after His blessings as before.  God told his people, “When thou hast eaten and art full, then thou shalt bless the Lord thy God for the good land which he hath given thee.”   (A thought arises: I often give thanks before a meal, but have I ever given thanks after?)  Of course, God is not talking about a single meal here, but about a wide provision... not just about one prayer, but about an attitude, a posture.

Join us for an Open House to meet our loving teachers, see the classrooms, and look over some of the curriculum and projects our students have been working on this year. Find out what a classical Christian education will do for your son or daughter! Please register in advance.