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There are yet a few days left in the school year, but we can observe with joy and thanksgiving that God has given us a remarkable and healthy year.  We addressed pandemic realities with care but not panic.  We complied with State orders where they did not infringe on parental rights.  We treated our children like children,  not like worrisome super-spreaders.  Parents that had greater need or desire for additional precautions were gracious and patient.  Disagreements over appropriate Covid responses did not split us apart, though good people came to different conclusions.  In short, what mercy and grace God has shown us!  We were able to give our students a full, robust year of instruction, and even now we are planning a Commencement and End-of-Year Soirees.  Let us remember the name of the Lord our God in this time of celebration and relief.

We’ve never seen such clear contrasts between the road that government schooling is taking, and the road that Christian education takes.  The State of Oregon is going all in on Critical Race Theory and LGBTQ+.  Even the feeble support ODE gives for the Constitution and the Christian history that shaped it will be supplanted.  Public education will be all Agenda. So it’s a good time to be a Christian school, whether it’s Geneva, or UVC, or your homeschool! Coupled with that thought is appreciation for what Geneva has accomplished this year.  We have a few weeks of school left, but now seems a good time to highlight some successes, made possible by God’s grace and provision, and good people He’s given to serve Geneva families.

We are giving thanks this week for the wonderful provision of God at our Annual Auction.  Facilitated by many volunteer hands, who worked sometimes into early mornings and through weekends, the school met its lofty fundraising goals. What I’d like to remember here is the admonition in Deuteronomy 8 to look to God as much after His blessings as before.  God told his people, “When thou hast eaten and art full, then thou shalt bless the Lord thy God for the good land which he hath given thee.”   (A thought arises: I often give thanks before a meal, but have I ever given thanks after?)  Of course, God is not talking about a single meal here, but about a wide provision... not just about one prayer, but about an attitude, a posture.

Join us for an Open House to meet our loving teachers, see the classrooms, and look over some of the curriculum and projects our students have been working on this year. Find out what a classical Christian education will do for your son or daughter! Please register in advance.

From designing a seawall to creating a vortex cannon to teaching a fish to swim through a hoop, Geneva Academy students thoroughly embraced the scientific process for the biennial science fair.

We've had a vibrant & productive school year thus far... Our families are healthy & our God is Sovereign! We canceled our much-beloved Christmas Soiree due to restrictions, but our students learned the Christmas Canon from Choir Directors Mrs. Allison Harmon & Miss Cynthia Turner, so we thought it would be nice to share some smiling faces & joyful voices on Christmas Day!

During the 1990s, families in about 100 communities across the United States started classical Christian schools with the hope of offering an education that would assist parents in raising their children in the paideia of the Lord. The question almost thirty years later is: “To what extent have the goals of classical Christian education been realized?” To that end, the ACCS commissioned a study by the University of Notre Dame’s Sociology Department.

There are a few ways to help families impacted by the wildfires. Give your time as a volunteer at Grill 138 or Salvation Army or donate to the Fire Relief Fund through our United Way which directly funds efforts of our local Salvation Army & Red Cross.