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“The magnificent mystery and paradoxical beauty of the ‘already and not yet,’” as Dr. Kester might say. The Advent of our Savior into this broken world marks the change for humanity’s destiny. The hope of what’s yet to come is presently in our heart—The Holy Spirit. The war is decided. The end is sealed. And as we wait, as we groan, praying for the end of certain seasons… an end to Covid, an end to political drama, an end to the three weeks leading up to Christmas; let us find present rest and joy in the already. The Eternal Already, who is Christ our King.

The Black Lives Matter organization was started by three Marxist women devoted to the overthrow of white systems of power.  It began with the 2013 protests over the acquittal of Officer George Zimmerman of the charge of murdering Trayvon Martin.  Black Lives Matter is a popular movement, but is fueled by Critical Race Theory and all of the ideas written about above. This is why, when people say, “Police Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter,” BLM activists would say those assertions, even if meant well or said by non-whites, just reinforce white hegemony and systemic oppression.

Critical Race Theory.  It has rooted itself in colleges, public education, mass media, Hollywood, and politicians of both parties.  It is making inroads in the church, and it is affecting your life right now, even if you are not aware of it.  We want secondary students to learn about it and wrestle with its claims and observations.  We want students to address the arguments with the Scriptures, and grow in their faith thereby.

Critical Theory is shaping public discourse and has taken over the universities and public education systems.  It guides Hollywood entertainment and mass media.  It is the system of thought behind Black Lives Matter and the current teaching of U.S. history to American children. This is exactly the kind of discussion we prepare your children to have in their high school years.  These kinds of topics intertwine history, economics, the Scriptures, and politics.  This is affecting our nation right now!  Being informed is wise, for we may thereby be better parents and witnesses of the gospel.

The Protestant Reformation sought not innovation, but restoration. Every year at Geneva we observe the anniversary of Martin Luther’s public questioning of certain church practices.  Luther’s 95 Theses, posted on the cathedral door October 31st, 1517, were reprinted rapidly with the new, moveable-type printing presses, and the writings of the somewhat obscure monk enflamed Europe. Reformation pastors emphasized what’s known as the five Solas: sola gratia (grace alone), sola fide (faith alone), solus Christus (Christ alone), soli Deo Gloria (glory of God alone), and sola scriptura (scripture alone).  Salvation is not something we must or even can earn, it is by grace alone, through faith alone.  Christ’s work alone is sufficient to meet our spiritual needs, and we do not share in His glory.  We must rely on the Scriptures alone to be our guide, for men err.

Our eternal standing with God is secure through His Son, will hopefully overshadow our current headlines and anxieties.  May we walk with Him!

Who is going to lead us forward in the years to come, and how will they be prepared?  How will they be trained?  For my part, I’m hoping that our most powerful and persuasive leaders will be mature Christians with a thought-out worldview, and trained to recognize truth, goodness, and beauty, who know their history and everyone else’s, who reason wisely and sing loudly.

During the 1990s, families in about 100 communities across the United States started classical Christian schools with the hope of offering an education that would assist parents in raising their children in the paideia of the Lord. The question almost thirty years later is: “To what extent have the goals of classical Christian education been realized?” To that end, the ACCS commissioned a study by the University of Notre Dame’s Sociology Department.

In humility, we are aiming to teach your children knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Public school. Private school. Online school. Homeschool. What are the pros and cons of these options? And how do we decide on the right option for our kids?

The point of studying history is not dates, names, and facts... it's drinking the wisdom of the dead. It's recognizing that the same trends of human behavior run through our veins. We must remain vigilant, especially when we see old trends sprouting new limbs. And lastly, while history is wisdom, it's not a savior--that title belongs to Christ. 

If we want the prominent members of our communities to express truth, beauty, and goodness in businesses, city halls, homes, and churches, we have to educate them accordingly!  That’s what we’re doing at Geneva. We are confident about starting the new school year on time and prepared, without alteration of our regular schedule. Our final plans are due to the school district on August 15.

The Geneva Academy board of directors issued a brief statement this month. Back to school plans are pending. If you're interested in learning more about our plans for Fall 2020, please send us an inquiry or request a campus visit (same form, slightly shorter).

When it comes to living an altruistic life that can help make a difference for others, one of the most valuable things you can give your community is the gift of volunteering.

The purpose of Geneva Academy Classical Preschool is to provide a high-quality early childhood experience for your child in a safe, joyful, and exciting environment where children develop and grow using fun and developmentally-appropriate curriculum. We strive to prepare your child for the formal learning classroom they will encounter in Kindergarten.

"Capital is accumulated effort and innovation, the sum of human achievement and imagination. Its creation is the aim of civilization. But civilization is everywhere and at all times vulnerable to the darkest human impulses. Government exists to rein in those impulses so that individual initiative can flourish. America’s Founders, schooled in a profound philosophical and literary tradition dating back to classical antiquity, understood the fragility of civil peace and the danger of the lustful, vengeful mob."

Our present leaders, the products of a politicized and failing education system, seem to know nothing of those truths. Pulling the country back from the abyss will require a recalling of our civilizational inheritance.

Meet Mrs. Winder, our new K4 Classical Preschool teacher!

Join other Geneva students for 5-Weeks of Art Club with Mrs. Kirkman! Please pre-register your children here!

Summer Tutoring with Geneva Teachers is available for students this summer! Children do not need to be enrolled at the Academy.

Contact the following teachers directly to discuss possibilities. Not sure who would be a good fit? Send an email with a CC and our friendly teachers will help you choose a good fit for your child!

Geneva’s plan for the summer and the start of the school year is the following...

How would you want your 17/18 year old child to approach our current circumstances brought about by COVID-19? We are about to witness two young ladies persevere in circumstances beyond their control. WHY? Because THEIR PARENT CHOSE to partner with Geneva Academy, growing pains and all, and because the FACULTY is committed to providing EVERY SINGLE MISSION-DRIVEN PROMISE our school board expects them to deliver!

Even as many of their peers at other schools are now finished with their as of the Governor's announcement on April 8, Mr. Turner said, "These seniors know how valuable this hard work is and it will pay off in the years ahead." Geneva families, think about this: HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR OWN CHILDREN TO APPROACH AND RESPOND TO THIS KIND OF ADVERSITY? Witnessing Kaitlyn & Heidi finishing strong is a FRUIT of all that has been sown into Geneva Academy students by first, their PARENTS, and secondly, our teachers.

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Whether it’s a few hours or a long commitment, volunteering not only supports those around you but positively influences you as well.

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