Third Grade

Teacher – Mrs. Summer Ryan



  • Daily Bible instruction with a challenge to apply God’s truth
  • Studying John and Joshua
  • Chapel on Wednesdays with Christ-like character emphasis in instruction and challenge to apply the quality
  • CREDO:  Weekly memorization of a verse and basic doctrinal truth done in classical question/answer format



  • Development of the use of cursive in all areas of writing



  • Grade appropriate books are chosen from the Veritas School list for each child based on that child’s reading level and ability to comprehend
  • Books are read and discussed daily and many are coordinated with history
  • Comprehension and interpretation exercises accompany each book
  • Book reports on reading done out of class and book report projects based on age-appropriate abilities (6 projects done this year based on grade level)
  • Constant work on comprehension, gathering information, reading for meaning or detail, and inference


 In class reading list:

  • Charlotte’s Web and booklet
  • The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and booklet
  • Mr. Popper’s Penguin
  • Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrims
  • The Matchlock Gun
  • Owls in the Family
  • Homer Price
  • Seaman’s Adventures with Lewis and Clark
  • Sarah Plain and Tall
  • The Courage of Sarah Noble



  • Modern Curriculum Press Phonics and Word studies


  • Spell to Read and Write by Wanda Sensari; a phonetics based program which emphasizes phonics based spelling through dictation rather than copying
  • Integration of history, science, language, math vocabulary
  • Correct spelling and accurate copying required on all assignments



  • Mastery of Sieker Grammar Chants on all nine parts of speech
  • Correctly identify and label every word in certain sentence patterns according to it’s part of speech and usage in the sentence



  • Accurate formula writing where students create sentences based on the grammatical patterns given
  • Imitation writing based on the curriculums of Andrew Pudewa and Matt Whitling where students learn to summarize, outline, expand their vocabulary, and imitate the style of a well-written piece
  • Creative writing integrated with science and history
  • Use of dictionary and thesaurus
  • Questions on assignments answered in classical style
  • Accurate spelling, well-written sentences and paragraphs required on all assignments



  • Classical Math III – Logos School – B.J. Jordan



  • A Child’s History of America – Christian Liberty Press
  • The Reformation
  •  American Revolution and the Westward movement
  •  History Pockets by Evan Moor
  • Many supplemental history/story books to enrich/Troll Press
  • Many teacher-created comprehension exercises and activities
  • Many chants and sound-offs to facilitate learning facts
  • Map skills with focus on United States and North America



  • Bob Jones University Press – Science 4
  • Many teacher created materials from personal book and library sources
  • Logos School Science materials in Earth Science, Botany, and Zoology
  • Classification by Milliken Press
  • Many chants and sound-offs to facilitate learning facts
  • Some integrated art work of things being studied



  • Logos School Program with teacher-created supplements depending, on student’s ability



  • Emphasis on 2 dimensional design; integrating essential elements of art; Drawing from life and other photographs or paintings, incorporating science and history curriculum; developing a sense of wonder and interest in art’s function in the Christian life.



  • Introductory Choral Music using the Kodaly Method
  • Folk songs, hymns, patriotic songs and Christian holiday works are introduced and practiced



  • Twice a week with exercises, stretching, and games.
  • Emphasis on teamwork, good sportsmanship, and general fitness