The Journey | It’s Worth It!

There are discouraged Christians throughout the country… we face enormous problems, little unites us, hard work seems no longer valued, and our young appear entitled and lazy. Should we just give up? Carve out a comfortable life for ourselves and let the rest go to ruins? Livy, Roman Historian (59 BC to 17 AD) has a comment here: “Woe to the conquered.”

God is often active when things are looking most desperate. At a time when American education and culture are in decline, He is bringing about a remarkable resurgence in classical Christian studies. Subjects jettisoned by the public school system over decades (logic, rhetoric, Latin, great literature, classic studies, aesthetics, economics, even music) are being given new life in these academies.


Over the last 25 years, the number of classical Christian schools has grown from 10 to 251. Colleges are having to adjust their programs to a caliber of student they haven’t seen in a long time: a child classically educated.  We’re fortunate to have such a school here in Douglas County. It’s not easy to start or maintain, but, as the star of our video will say, “It’s worth it.”

Your generous support helps by lowering the cost of tuition, financing a Tuition Assistance program, and meeting specific needs that breathe life into such a distinctive method of educating children in the Umpqua Valley. We truly thank you for your part in this journey.

~Brian Turner, Headmaster