Thank you, Judges!

If you were at the 2018 Geneva Academy Speech Meet, you’ll know what a difficult task our judges had in scoring each participant! Every single student has grown in their rhetoric skills since last year and it is truly remarkable to witness.

Our 6 judges donated a full work day of their time to give an objective voice to student presentations. A hearty thanks goes out to Mrs. Tammy Hunt, Mr. Brian Burke, Mrs. Tami Ellison, Mr. Steve Loosley, Mrs. Miranda Triplett and Mr. David Price. THANK YOU!

If you attended the awards ceremony, you saw that each student received a ribbon. This isn’t because we’ve adopted the popular “everyone gets a trophy attitude.” No, no… this ribbon commemorates student participation and the hard work each young person invested into memorizing and then presenting a piece of literature, scripture or their own writing to an audience. Preparing for such is hard work. Truly a word fitly spoken, as the ribbon is embossed!

Why do we host an annual speech meet? Read this Word from the Headmaster, “Speaking of Public Speaking.”


Congratulations to the Speech Meet Winners! (Click here to view photos!)

1st Grade ~ 1st Place:  Aria B. 2nd Place:  Sophia S., 3rd Place:  Zoe R.

2nd Grade ~ 1st place:  Caiomhe T., 2nd Place:  Jasper B., 3rd Place:  Serenity R.

3rd Grade ~ 1st Place:  Ariana S., 2nd Place:  Hayden W., 3rd Place:  Kyrra T.

4th Grade ~ 1st Place:  Timothy K., 2nd Place:  Grace M., 3rd Place (tie):  Aubry V. & Samuel M.

5th Grade ~ 1st Place:  Addison R., 2nd Place:  Alexis E., 3rd Place:  Cole C.

6th Grade ~ 1st Place:  Cayden E., 2nd Place:  Macy D., 3rd Place:  Justus R.

Introductory Rhetoric ~ 1st Place:  Grace K., 2nd Place:  Aidan A., 3rd Place:  Maggie S.

Rhetoric ~ 1st Place (tie):  Breez H. & Christopher K., 3rd Place:  Heidi D.

Interested in how the speech presentations were adjudicated?

Here is the judges’ evaluation sheet!