Rhetoric Math

Algebra 2

This is a rigorous course in which the students will be required to derive formulas and explain concepts more than ever.  It covers quadratic functions, an in-depth look at real and imaginary numbers, linear and quadratic inequalities, sequences, probability, an introduction to trigonometry, and a thorough investigation of functions in general.


  • Elementary Algebra, Harold Jacobs
  • Algebra and Trigonometry, Paul Foerster


This course requires students to delve deeper than ever before into the fundamental aspects of advanced algebra and will provide a solid preparation for calculus.  Students will be comfortable explaining and proving concepts.  The bulk of study will be related to logarithmic and trigonometric functions.


  • Prelude to Calculus, Sheldon Axler

Math History

This course will entail a broad sweep of mathematical history, through the great theorems of the centuries.  Students will study not only the major developments, but also the mathematicians behind them, as well as the impact on our lives today.

At first much of the class is discussion-oriented.  The students will then be required to recreate proofs or explain some of the most important theorems of history, such as the infinitude of primes, Archimedes’ approximation of pi, and the Pythagorean Theorem.  The last semester of the class is dedicated to research of certain aspects of math history.  It will conclude with a 10 page research paper on a topic of the student’s choice.


  • The Mathematical Universe, William Dunham
  • other various text on the history of math