Rhetoric Latin & Spanish

Spanish II

Course Description:

This course is designed to lead students to an intermediate proficiency of the Spanish language and the Spanish-speaking world.  It is designed to align with the five Cs of teaching a foreign language:  communication, culture, connections, comparisons and communities.

Course Objectives:

  • Instill an appreciation for the diversity of culture and language in God’s people.
  • Give students  the ability to understand, speak and write Spanish at an intermediate level.
  • Give students the ability to apply grammar to another language and build sentences and meaning using these tools in Spanish.
  • Introduce students to many of the Spanish-speaking countries, with an emphasis on cultural and geographical differences and similarities.
  • Prepare students to be able to take Spanish in college and further their ability to speak, understand, and write Spanish.
  • Provide more opportunities for students in the future marketplace and mission field by giving them the ability to communicate with Spanish-speaking people.