New Pickup Routine!

The pickup routine is different this year at Vine Street Baptist.  

  1. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade students must wait in their classrooms to be collected by a parent, grandparent in person. (One exception: a responsible older sibling may pick up a younger sibling as long as the younger stays with the older from that time forward). 
  2. 4th-12th Grade students must wait in the breezeway next to the Sanctuary for pick up.
  3. Please drive around the building and wait in the queue. When your vehicle is first in line, the teacher will send your children to you to load up. You’ll then proceed out of the parking lot.
  4. If you need to visit with a teacher or go inside the building, please first park your vehicle, and then collect your children from the breezeway before doing so. This is very important since staff and faculty do have staff meetings directly after school. Your prompt pickup is so very appreciated.
  5. High school students who drive their own cars must park in the row next to the fence line, not next to the building.

Kindergarten families: PLEASE be VERY careful in the CLF parking lot.  The parking lot off Vine Street is crowded and awkward and not all that park there are going into the church or realize there are little children about.  Do not let children run in the parking lot.  If you have a few extra minutes, it is safer to turn up Church street and park on the other side of the church, and then just walk down the church sidewalk to get to the classroom.