Let Him Shine Strong

CONGRATULATIONS, families, we’re about to conclude another wonderful year!  There are a few “business” items to mention, and then I’ll conclude with excerpts from Alli Paschall’s graduation speech.

Thank you to all those who have offered to help move the K, 1st, & 2nd classes.  It will still be a few weeks before we have a timeline, but we will post information when those plans are firmed up.

Our final day of school Friday should be very fun and a nice way to say goodbye to classmates and teachers.  Please sign up to play a part in our Breakfestival and help end the year with a bang!

Kindergarten Graduation is tonight (Tuesday) evening at VSB at 6:00 PM.  Come and cheer on the little ones!  The End-of-Year Soiree is Thursday evening at VSB at 6:00 PM.  There are a lot of awards to hand out and a lively program.

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While families are rejoicing in summer days and activities, new teachers (and returning teachers) will be getting ready for the fall and another terrific year.  Please keep them in your prayers, as well as the new families joining us for 2019-20.

Our Commencement Ceremony last Friday evening was both moving and encouraging.  If anyone ever wonders if Geneva is different than a typical school, that ceremony shows it!

Graduates and their parents all spoke eloquently about what Geneva is about, and ultimately it is all about training up students in wisdom for the glory of God.  Here are a few excerpts from Miss Paschall to conclude with:

“Well, we’ve learned a lot of things at this school.  There is so much that my classmates and I can take away from this place that will continue to influence each of our lives.  The question is, how can I explain to you in five minutes what took skilled teachers teamed up with God’s work in my heart roughly four years to unravel?  There’s no way.  All I can do is point you to what my education has pointed me to.  That is my Creator.  The more that we learned about the art of words in rhetoric, the beautiful truths in geometric proofs, or the cry of fallen man throughout all of history and literature, the more we have expanded our capabilities of understanding who God is.”

“….Many speeches end with ‘we are strong,’ ‘we can do it,’ ‘you can do anything you put your mind to’ or any one of those self-empowering expressions we hear so loudly.  What if I told you we are weak?….The weaknesses we all have in various areas in our lives show us where we are insufficient, and God is sufficient.  It shows us where God’s power is perfect.  The weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities are coming.  We should rejoice in this because through these things we will have the privilege of having God working in us.  Post tenebras lux Christi.  Out of the darkness, the light of Christ.  Breez, Chris, Alden, Hannah.  We are weak.  Let Him shine strong.” ~Allison Paschall

With Gratitude,
Brian Turner
Headmaster’s Blog
Week 36