Least Expensive? or Most Costly…

Is it worth it?

That question was the theme of our auction video.  The question acknowledges that a classical Christian education is not the easiest path.  There are significant challenges to the students, and there are significant challenges to the parents as well, over y-e-a-r-s.  We expect families to ask themselves this question from time to time.  Moreover, we encourage it.  Deliberately reflecting and counting the cost is much better than letting doubts secretly gnaw away at one’s resolve.

One barricade to, or exit door from, classical Christian schools is that marked, “I went to public school and I turned out OK.”  The reasoning behind this thought is based on a loose definition.  If turning out OK means avoiding the worst teenage issues (addiction, pregnancy, depression, expulsion), ending up gainfully employed, and keeping one’s faith mostly intact, than yes, many Christians make it through public education OK, as did I.

Image result for cs lewis education quotesYet, as I found out over 25 years, my public school based understanding of so many things – the way the world works, God, the duties of fathers, of mothers, raising children, American history, politics, world history, science, theology, literature, art, happiness – was so fraught with error that all of those things had to be re-learned, this time from a Biblical basis.

Moreover, the assumptions underlying the learning had to be corrected.  It’s been a decades long process.  (And I’m afraid that my wife and children have had to suffer my ignorance and re-learning all that time.)  How much better it would have been for me to enter adulthood knowing, with confidence, the truth.

Many Christians don’t realize the intellectual and spiritual poison inherent in public education.  Some of that poison won’t be manifest for years… but it will be there.  Just surviving is a poor goal for a Christian parent to have for a child.  Public education might be the least expensive option for a Christian family, but it might be the most costly.

~Brian Turner

Word From the Headmaster
Week 33