Is It Worth It? The Big Picture & a 6 Year Span…

#ThrowbackThursday to Mrs. Aleanna Sorensen’s first year of teaching 1st/2nd Grade SIX YEARS AGO! The children acted out the Greek myth of “Theseus & The Minotaur.” The 2nd Grade history unit is a survey of Ancient World History, with special learning fun within the cultures of the Greeks & Romans!


What is unique about Classical Christian education is that the students will make a pass-through the same eras of HISTORY throughout their K-12 education, two to three times ~ further integrated with contemporary THEOLOGY, world LITERATURE, and GEOGRAPHY of the time! Makes for well-rounded students, in training for critical thinking! It is called OMNIBUS.

These particular kids in these particular pictures are now in Omnibus I & II and have already read through Homer’s Iliad & The Oddysey, Gilgamesh, Sophocles, Herodotus, and so much more! Currently the 7th Graders are reading Plato in Omnibus I!

We will be hosting a Parent Ed on 3/9/18 – A Sprint Through the Library ~ come see WHAT & WHO the students study and WHY! Let’s just say, there’s no such thing as a “Christian Bubble” here at Geneva! Literature is analyzed for worldview & particularly how it stands next to Biblical truth. Fascinating and fun! The best part for the children is both bringing it to life ~ through age-appropriate reenactment and the Logic/Rhetoric style round-table discussions!

Come see for yourself!

Class of 2022 ~
2nd Graders in 2012


Class of 2023~
1st Graders in 2012



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