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Our Mission

Geneva Academy exists to INSTRUCT students utilizing the Classical Christian method, to TEACH all subjects as part of an integrated whole with Scripture at the center, to PROVIDE students with the “tools of learning” in an orderly and engaging atmosphere, and to NURTURE the development of godly character by promoting and assisting God ordained parental discipline and training.

Our Teachers

Our teachers partner with Geneva parents in providing a Christ-centered education. Each teacher is a student of the Bible and utilizes and references the Scriptures in daily lessons, applying Biblical principles in classroom management and character training, and encouraging students in their relationship with Jesus Christ nourished by His Word. 

Our Vision


We aim, through the grace of God, to train up students who are first Christians, and second, learners... Read more.

Our Vision


To pursue our goals and vision for our students & graduates, we have chosen a covenant discipleship model of schooling, rather than an evangelistic model. Parents of Geneva Academy families must have at least one active professing Christian. It is our vision to have our classrooms filled with children from godly, Bible-believing homes. Read more...

Our Vision


Our school emblem bears the words "Post Tenabrus Lux Christi." Latin for "After the Darkness, Light of Christ." We aim to be a beacon of light in a dark world, as we raise up the next generation of influencers for Christ.  Therefore, we aim to be a resource for those who serve area youth and their parents within our community, as well as foster dynamic relationships with community leaders, pastors, and business organizations. We aim to be above reproach in our business dealings and supportive of the local business community who is so gracious in donating their goods and services to support our mission and vision. Our students participate in outreaches that serve our Veterans, minister to our area's elderly, protect the unborn and fill the shelves of our local food pantries. Read more... 

Headmaster's Blog

There are yet a few days left in the school year, but we can observe with joy and thanksgiving that God has given us a remarkable and healthy year.  We addressed pandemic realities with care but not panic.  We complied with State orders where they did not infringe on parental rights.  We treated our children like children,  not like worrisome super-spreaders.  Parents that had greater need or desire for additional precautions were gracious and patient.  Disagreements over appropriate Covid responses did not split us apart, though good people came to different conclusions.  In short, what mercy and grace God has shown us!  We were able to give our students a full, robust year of instruction, and even now we are planning a Commencement and End-of-Year Soirees.  Let us remember the name of the Lord our God in this time of celebration and relief.

We’ve never seen such clear contrasts between the road that government schooling is taking, and the road that Christian education takes.  The State of Oregon is going all in on Critical Race Theory and LGBTQ+.  Even the feeble support ODE gives for the Constitution and the Christian history that shaped it will be supplanted.  Public education will be all Agenda. So it’s a good time to be a Christian school, whether it’s Geneva, or UVC, or your homeschool! Coupled with that thought is appreciation for what Geneva has accomplished this year.  We have a few weeks of school left, but now seems a good time to highlight some successes, made possible by God’s grace and provision, and good people He’s given to serve Geneva families.

What Contrasts did, and what Pugin did, was lift up to a nation an impassioned explanation of two choices.  On one side was what the nation had been, and what it stood for.  On the other was the direction it was heading.  He underlined very Christian principles and meanings to the debate.  His was the world of architecture and design, and his argument largely prevailed. There are many lessons here for Geneva parents and all who are supporting our Christian educational mission.  One is that study of the past, informed by a Biblical worldview and Christian history, helps us see more clearly the truly good and beautiful, and the falsely so.  Another is that even in “technical” fields, there are underlying assumptions about the universe, humanity, and morals that guide the outcome of work in those fields, and that Christians better be in them!  I could add the impact that a single, convicted person with gifting might have on an entire discipline and even country.  Or the importance of actually doing something about what’s important, rather than leaving it to others to hopefully figure out.

The wonder of the Ascension is that even now our humanity is seated at the right hand of the Father, in the glorified human nature of Jesus Christ. In Christ, heaven broke in, and is even now breaking into our own reality and turning wickedness to His Holy purpose for us and our salvation.  Our God reigns! We can rest confident in his wise rule, because He has ascended into heaven and sits on the right hand of the Father.