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Our Mission

Geneva Academy exists to INSTRUCT students utilizing the Classical Christian method, to TEACH all subjects as part of an integrated whole with Scripture at the center, to PROVIDE students with the “tools of learning” in an orderly and engaging atmosphere, and to NURTURE the development of godly character by promoting and assisting God ordained parental discipline and training.

Our Teachers

Our teachers partner with Geneva parents in providing a Christ-centered education. Each teacher is a student of the Bible and utilizes and references the Scriptures in daily lessons, applying Biblical principles in classroom management and character training, and encouraging students in their relationship with Jesus Christ nourished by His Word. 

Our Vision


We aim, through the grace of God, to train up students who are first Christians, and second, learners... Read more.

Our Vision


To pursue our goals and vision for our students & graduates, we have chosen a covenant discipleship model of schooling, rather than an evangelistic model. Parents of Geneva Academy families must have at least one active professing Christian. It is our vision to have our classrooms filled with children from godly, Bible-believing homes. Read more...

Our Vision


Our school emblem bears the words "Post Tenabrus Lux Christi." Latin for "After the Darkness, Light of Christ." We aim to be a beacon of light in a dark world, as we raise up the next generation of influencers for Christ.  Therefore, we aim to be a resource for those who serve area youth and their parents within our community, as well as foster dynamic relationships with community leaders, pastors, and business organizations. We aim to be above reproach in our business dealings and supportive of the local business community who is so gracious in donating their goods and services to support our mission and vision. Our students participate in outreaches that serve our Veterans, minister to our area's elderly, protect the unborn and fill the shelves of our local food pantries. Read more... 

Headmaster's Blog

Uniforms... reveal beauty, not stifle it! Learn more...

A moment of truth is coming for every Christian school, every evangelical institution. The hour is coming when we will know where every Christian college stands, what every Christian school teaches, and whether these institutions will take a stand for Biblical truth or collapse into the monoblob of progressive ideologies...

Your child spends about 1,200 hours in school every year. Hours in classrooms, schoolyards, gyms, and cafeterias. Fretting over exams, grades, projects. Poring over volumes of books. Hours spent on the school bus, or driving across town together, waiting in drop off and pickup lines. Hours spent with teachers and classmates who will - by their instruction and by their relationships - be instrumental in shaping your child into the person they are to become. All of this and more...for what?

Geneva Academy has always celebrated Reformation Day, even in the early days when we had just a few families.  It was not to find a Christian alternative to Halloween.  There are Christian groups who do that; they host harvest parties and provide an opportunity for children to dress in costume, eat candy, and play games without the dark, monstrous, bloody, and evil themes that now mark Halloween observances.  Reformation Day was, and is, an international remembrance of the movement that brought back into common understanding the doctrines of grace, a faith based salvation, the proper worship of God, and the translation of the word of God into the common tongues of Europe.  These major triumphs of the Reformation reshaped European churches, as well as politics, culture, science, education, and the arts.  Without understanding the Reformation, one really cannot understand the history of Europe or of the United States.  Also, it is important for children to know what they believe, and our focusing on different Reformation countries and individuals over the years allows us to recapitulate the ardent discussions that happened in the 16th and 17th centuries.