God is Good

THANK YOU for our very, very enjoyable Teacher Appreciation Week!  I think the Board sometimes wonders why I keep teaching the classes I do, and I usually talk about getting to know the students better that way.  But, really, if I stop I’d miss out on Teacher Appreciation, which is just another reason why May is such a great month at Geneva.

There are many field trips and other things happening in these last weeks.  We appreciate all the volunteer efforts that go into making these events safe and instructive.

“O that men would praise the Lord for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!”
Psalm 107:21

We’ve been praying for new staff and I’m glad to say that there are a number of people now completing applications.  Nothing is more important than having godly and excellent teachers at Geneva Academy.  Thank you for praying.

A Christian saint in our community was called home to be with the Lord unexpectedly last week.  Many at Geneva knew her and are grieving with her husband and daughter.  Let us be mindful of the Hu family and how all those in our towns who call on the name of Christ are family, His family.

The legislation eliminating the personal exemption for vaccines has been set aside.  This was a matter of much prayer and activity, especially by those in Salem or able to make their opposition clear.  Many thanks to Senator Dallas Heard and others courageous enough to hold fast, making sure parental rights weren’t swept away in a panic.  For every godly leader in the public sector, or in business, or in the home, we need 100 more.  This is one of the things we’re about.

The seniors defend their Capstone projects tonight, Tuesday.  Hurrah to them!  If they survive, and we have every confidence they will, we will celebrate a 7:00 PM Commencement for them May 31st here at the Vine Street Baptist sanctuary.  Please come and cheer them, and also get a glimpse of where your child is headed.

Word from the Headmaster
Brian Turner

May 14, 2019