Geneva is a community of faith and learning where all members, students, parents, teachers and administration are valued and play an important part in the formation of the school’s culture and success.  Administration and teachers at Geneva feel called and specifically gifted to fulfill their part within the vision and mission of the school. They understand they are not to abdicate the parents’ role but instead come along side parents and assist them with the discipleship and intellectual growth of their children. Families are admitted to Geneva based on a profession of Christian faith and their commitment to support the mission and vision of the school.  This mutual commitment to biblical worldview formation, character development, and academic success binds the Geneva community together and creates a spirit of teamwork between teachers, parents and administration.  Each student is seen as a child of God who is created in His image with unique abilities in need of nurturing and encouragement. Teachers, administrators and parents work together to create a school atmosphere of acceptance and grace where students feel valued and respect is within every relationship from student to student, student to teacher, teacher to teacher, administrator to parent and so on.  All members work together toward the common goal of preparing students for a life of service and glory to God.