From Ms. Holcomb…

One of Geneva’s kindergarten teachers, Ms. Holcomb, shares some of her favorite moments from kindergarten:

One goal of Kindergarten at Geneva is to have the students leave the class with a love for school and learning.  I’ve had many parents and students tell me they like school… one girl put up a small fuss when her mom came to pick her up, saying “I want to stay at school FOREVER!”

My class loves to pray.  They pray for everything ~ cats, sick animals and friends, neighbors, for “daddy to drive home safely from work today,” for “the people who don’t know Jesus to start loving Him,” etc.  They pray for God to help them be good, listen well, whatever it is that that particular child has trouble with… this is very sweet, to see them desiring to do what is right and please God, and asking Him for help!
One boy consistently prays for his neighbor’s sheep to not get eaten by the coyotes.  (I know the neighbor, a fellow farmer in the county who my dad also knows through raising sheep, so I know that this is an actual concern. My dad mentioned to this man that his little neighbor boy was praying for his sheep’s safety in school… where else does this happen?!!)
One morning near the holidays, I received a text from an acquaintance, a believer, who was having a tough time that day, personally.  I felt so burdened for her as I tried to pray while teaching, that I asked my student who was saying grace before our snack time to pray for my friend to be encouraged and feel better.  All of them were excited to do so, which meant a lot.  Later, my friend said that just knowing someone cared and was praying had been a great encouragement, and that her day had miraculously gone better than she thought.  God directly answered our prayers ~ it was thrilling to tell my students the next day, and to see their faces light up with delight when they heard!  So wonderful to be able to show them God’s power at work and that prayer really does work!  It greatly encouraged their teacher also.