Fourth Grade

Teacher – Mrs. Lindsey Waters


  • Daily Bible instruction with a challenge to apply God’s truth
  • Studying Ruth, I Samuel, II Samuel this school year
  • Chapel on Wednesdays with Christ-like character emphasis in instruction and challenge to apply the quality.
  • CREDO:  Weekly memorization of a verse and basic doctrinal truth        done in basic question/answer format – this school year taken from        Romans, Proverbs, and James


  • Students develop the facility  to use either printing or cursive depending on requirements of the assignment (i.e. maps, some science and some math require printing, other written work is done mostly in cursive)


  • Grade appropriate books are chosen from the Logos School list for each child based on that child’s reading level and ability to comprehend
  • Special reading selections are given to develop reading skills, comprehension and vocabulary acquisition
  • Book reports on reading done out of class and book report projects based on age appropriate abilities (6 – projects done this year, based on grade level)
  •  Constant work done on comprehension, gathering information, reading for meaning or detail, and inference

In class reading list:

  • The Sign of the Beaver
  •  Indian Captive
  • Star of Light
  • Independence
  • Book of Three
  • Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  • The Perilous Road
  • Bound for Oregon
  • Prince Caspian


  • Logos School spelling lessons with phonetic rule emphasis
  • Integration of history, science, language, math vocabulary
  • Reworking of spelling words through context clues and alphabetizing
  • Correct spelling and accurate copying required on all assignments


  • Mastery of Sieker Grammar Chants on all nine parts of speech.
  • Correctly identify and label every word in certain sentence patterns according to it’s part of speech and usage in the sentence


  • Accurate formula writing where students create sentences based on the grammatical patterns given
  • Imitation writing based on the curriculums of Andrew Pudewa and Matt Whitling where students learn to summarize, outline, expand their vocabulary, and imitate the style of a well-written piece
  • Creative writing integrated with science and history
  •  Use of dictionary and thesaurus
  •  Questions on assignments answered in classical style
  •  Accurate spelling, well-written sentences and paragraphs required on all assignments


  • Saxon 54


  • A Child’s History of America – Christian Liberty Press
  • Immigration Trails in American History – Logos School
  • History Pockets of the Civil War by Evan Moor
  • Many supplemental history/story books to enrich/Troll Press
  • Many teacher-created comprehension exercises and activities
  • Many chants and sound-offs to facilitate learning facts
  • Map skills with focus on United States and North America


  • Bob Jones University – Science 4
  • Many teacher created materials from personal book and library sources
  • Logos School Science materials in Earth Science, Botany, and Zoology
  • Classification by Milliken Press
  • Many chants and sound-offs to facilitate learning facts
  • Some integrated art work of things being studied


  • Logos School Program with teacher-created supplements, depending on student’s ability


  • Emphasis on seeing and drawing what is seen, studying essential elements of design; emphasis on subjects from history and Biblical stories.


  • Introductory Choral Music using the Kodaly Method
  • Folk songs, hymns, patriotic songs, and Christian holiday works are introduced and practiced


  • Twice a week with exercises, stretching, and games.
  • Emphasis on teamwork, good sportsmanship, and general fitness