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The Daesh Cutthroats

You’ve no doubt been hearing about the swift moving bands of Islamic terrorists who wear all black and behead many of their captives.  They wave black flags bearing an ancient Islamic script.  The lettering on the flags is the shahada, the core confession of Islam.  The beheaders are seeking to re-establish a Middle Eastern caliphate as once existed prior to the Crusades.  The French government has stopped calling the group ISIL or the “Islamic State,” preferring the less honoring term “Daesh Cutthroates,” the word daesh being derogatory and sounding like the Arabic word to crush.

As Western governments–that is, governments of formerly Christian nations–struggle with what to do, one cannot help reflecting that the terrorists are not confused about the interplay of their religion, politics, and daily life.  They present an unambiguous culture.  It is about subjection, submission, domination, of course.   And by studying history one sees that the daesh culture is really not much different than the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia, whose art glorified military conquest and terrible beast-men rulers.  In fact, left to itself, mankind always moves in this direction: wickedness, statism, the subjugation of the weak, etc.

God called Abraham out of Ur, out of that fearsome culture, and began the work of forming His own people.  We are part of that wonderful heritage, the people of God, those called not because of things we have done but because of His grace and mercy.  We bear His name,  and He actually indwells us.

What is our Christian culture, then?  Are we confused about the interplay of our faith, politics, and daily life? Is our culture ambiguous?  We obviously don’t wave blasphemous flags and cut people’s heads off…yet are we truly advancing the Kingdom of Christ?  Are we advancing a vibrant, holy, creative, consistent, Christian culture?  Our prayer is that Geneva Academy will help or is helping your family and your church to do just that.


–Brian Turner, Headmaster