Dress Code Policy and Guidelines


Click the image above to access the 2019-2020 Uniform Policy & Guide. You can also access the document on ParentsWeb under Resource Documents. Please click the Vendor you’d like to shop to be directed to the Geneva Academy uniform store. Our school codes are listed below each vendor.
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Mrs. Jacobsen


Revisions made to the 2019/2020 Uniform Guide:
  1. New Vendor: Flynn O’Hara Uniforms; online store is live!
  2. Optional Hunter Plaid Bow Ties allowed for 11th & 12th Grade boys.

Below is one Geneva Mom’s Suggested “Starter Kit” that will get you through one whole week of School with laundry done on the weekend!
  1. Grammar School Girls: 2 navy pants, 2 embroidered white polos, 3 navy jumpers, 3 white blouses,  mary jane shoes, 6 pairs of knee-high socks, sneakers and white athletic socks
  2. Grammar School Boys: 5 navy pants, 2 embroidered white polos, 2 light blue polos, 1 white long-sleeve oxford shirt, 6 pairs of navy socks, 1 pair dress shoes, 1 pair sneakers
  3. 7th-12th Grade Girls: 3 skirts (at least 1 navy or plaid for chapel), 2 polos, 3 white blouses, 6 pairs knee-high socks, flats, 2 PE shirts, 1 PE bottom, sneakers & white athletic socks
  4. 7th-12th Grade Boys: 5 pants (at least 1 navy or black for chapel), 4 polos, 1 long sleeve white oxford shirt, 6 black or khaki socks, 2 PE shirts, 2 PE bottoms, sneakers & white athletic socks