Understanding the Classical and Christian Difference – A Parent’s Primer

This article more fully explains why classical Christian education is so effective. It appears on the website of The Ambrose School, a CCE school in Boise, Idaho.

The Association of Classical Christian Schools

This site has information on the national classical Christian education movement. The tab “About CCE” samples the best quotes and insights gleaned from many sources and schools. The journal Classis can be found under the tab “Publications.” Classis details the professional implementation of classical Christian education.

Discover Christian Schools

This website helps Christian parents think through the education of their children. There are excellent FAQs and Resources. It discussed Christian education generally, and not classical Christian education specifically. (Please note: Geneva Academy is not a member, so our name does not appear in their “Find a School” box.)

Memoria Press

This links to a list of outstanding articles on Latin, Logic, literature, and other topics. Memoria Press produces outstanding materials, some of which we use at Geneva Academy (Famous Men of the Middle Ages, for instance).

Veritas Press

The Veritas School near Philadelphia is one of the leading CCE schools in the country. The accompanying Veritas Press is a source of much of the curricula used at Geneva Academy (for example, the Omnibus textbooks). Their website also has an excellent newsletter and other resources.

Logos School

The Logos School started in 1981 and has been very influential in the classical Christian education movement. This site has insightful articles and curricula.

Discover: The Essential Guide for Parents

Geneva Academy provides this booklet to parents that come to an Open House. It explains many Why? and How? questions of both modern government education and classical Christian education. It is published by The Ambrose Group and an electronic version of the booklet is available for free at this site.