Building that which doesn’t Sleep

To start off 2019, I’d like to thank all the Geneva students and parents for the cards and gifts poured out upon the staff.  We all enjoy returning to our desks to find another thoughtful package or note left by a student.  Thank you!  Thank you!

     This last week I was reflecting on a night visit I took with my son to the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.  This was in October; we had been downtown and I wanted to walk around the cathedral at night.  It was late and no one was around.  The towers were dark and no light came from inside.  The gothic, stained glass windows were black.  The only sound was from insects in the bushes and trees around the building. There were no bells, no chanting, no movement.  My son and I walked entirely around the huge stone structure.  It was as though the whole building was asleep.  All that mass, that power, that stone….just quiet.

 These days the National Cathedral complies with the heresies of our culture…no one way is true.  Many of those who speak at or perform at the cathedral don’t believe the Bible stories displayed in the stained glass.  Goddesses are invoked and leaders of false religions are welcomed as though they too should have a voice in a building constructed for the glory of God.  There are exceptions (on the Senior class trip of 2016 we sat in the choir for a Vespers service that was 100% Scripture in song, teaching, and liturgy…a welcome relief).  Typically, however, the cathedral is mostly just a grand backdrop for funerals and tours.

     A cathedral should be used for something big!  Something mighty in the name of Christ!  Is the gospel preached there morning, noon, and night?  Do vibrant Christians spill out every week into the community ministering to those in DC and pulling everything back into the dominion of God?  Is the true Light always seen through the windows there?

     And then I thought of Geneva.  We are building a great school.  We are still in early stages, and Lord willing we will continue to add families, build a building, start new activities and classes…  Yet, we are not going to build all that and then turn the lights off when there’s room enough, or teachers enough.  We’re going to use that school! It’s meant to serve Christ and His kingdom; we don’t want it to sleep while there’s work to do.

     We’re praying for God’s guidance and provision for 2019 and I do ask you to join the Board and the staff in asking the Lord to lead us on.  Thank you for being a part of this endeavor!

~Brian Turner