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"Enrollment Packets" are accessed through Family Portal.

Please note there is a "Primary Parent Packet" which should be completed by the parent assigned to "First Parent" inside of the Online Enrollment Form. The "Primary Packet" is accessed by "First Parent's" email address given to Mrs. Shellard when the Family Portal account was created.

"Primary Parent Packet" updates all student information specific to the student, household and is the packet that officially re-enrolls your student. The Primary Parent Packet signature authorizes enrollment. The "Second Parent" receives a "Secondary Parent Packet" with their own email login and is how the "Second Parent" signs forms. 

Step 1 - Receive email from registrar telling you re-enrollment is open. You will receive an email for each enrolled child.

Step 2 - Login as Primary Parent to Family Portal, click on Family Information, then Enrollment/Re-Enrollment button. 

Step 3 - Click into one student at a time to complete Open Online Enrollment Packet. 

Step 4 - Update any pertinent information at this time within the checklist in the sidebar. Family & household data changes will update automatically for each student. If you do not make changes during this Re-Enrollment process, changes to your Family Portal account, student-specific information or household information will need to be communicated manually to the Office to update.

Step 5 - Set up a payment plan in FACTS. 

Step 6 - After setting up your payment plan you will toggle back to the checklist and choose how to pay the enrollment fee and submit, which completes the Online Enrollment Packet. The student is marked "enrolled" after the fee is paid and enrollment packet is submitted inside of Family Portal.  You will receive a confirmation email once the enrollment packet has been successfully submitted.

Adding a Sibling: Apply for Admissions for New Student

Step 1 - Login to Family Portal to START an application for new student. When adding a sibling as a new student, DO NOT SUBMIT the Application for your new student until you contact the office.

Step 2 - Notify the registrar that you are enrolling a sibling. Your family discount will be applied to the application fee once you have STARTED the application but not yet submitted. Please allow for processing on the next business day.

Step 3 - You will then receive an enrollment email just like you've received for your other enrolled students.

Step 4 - Your student is not ENROLLED until you've finalized your information in FACTS by selecting a payment plan and submitting your enrollment fee payment.