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Admissions Policy

Admissions at Geneva Academy

The goal of Geneva Academy’s admissions process is to admit families that share our Christian values as expressed in our Statement of Faith and Vision and Mission statements.  Academic aptitude, therefore, is not the primary consideration for acceptance.  We will also consider the values of the family, the stability of the home, the student’s behavior during interviews and testing, the likelihood of future academic success, and a family’s commitment to a local church community.

Geneva Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, nationality or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies, admissions, scholarships, and other school-directed programs.

Acceptance Standards

The Headmaster, with or without the assistance of a Board Member, will consider through the means of an application and a formal family interview (and possibly other meetings or conversations) the parents’ appreciation of classical Christian education, the Christian testimony of the parents, family stability and support, the student’s readiness for the grade to which they are applying, and the attitude and behavior of the student.  The Headmaster or attending Board Member will then recommend to the Board acceptance or non-acceptance.  The Board, after consideration, will then vote to accept or not accept the family into Geneva.  Acceptance, therefore, refers to our qualification process.  A family that has been accepted is qualified for admissions, which is a separate process (see below).

Parents of students at Geneva Academy should have a clear understanding of the biblical philosophy and purpose of the school.  This understanding includes a willingness to have their child exposed to the clear teaching of the school’s Statement of Faith in various and frequent ways within the school’s program.

Parents should have a clear understanding of our distinctive classical Christian educational approach.  Parents should carefully read the informational materials about our school.  We also encourage each parent to read the Discover booklet found in our Welcome Packet.  The booklet explains the kind of program we offer.  Parents who choose to enroll at Geneva Academy are tacitly agreeing to our form of instruction and are expected to accept our program as a whole.  At the same time, we will make reasonable accommodations, when acceptable to our mission, to ensure that parents retain their authority for their child’s education.

At least one custodial parent or guardian is required to be a professing Christian.  Families agree that we will teach their children in the Christian tradition.  Parents are members of our Geneva community and must affirm community standards compatible with traditional Christian values.  This includes, but is not limited to, the historic traditions of the Christian church on matters of marriage, family, and gender.  Parents must support our cultural values by directing their children to observe the standards we set for clothing, music, language, and other cultural influences whenever students are at the school or at school functions. 

Families need not be evangelical Protestant Christians to be admitted, though we are an evangelical, Protestant, Bible-believing organization.  We recognize and receive brothers within the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and other Trinitarian traditions, and we accept them into our community with an understanding that we may teach some things that conflict with their specific doctrines.  Families should be members or regular attendees of a local, Bible-believing church (please see our Church Attendance Policy for more details) and parents must sign our Statement of Faith.

Students must agree to abide by our disciplinary standards without grumbling or being coerced to do so.  They must show respect to their parents and to the teachers entrusted with their education.  Students should be prepared for a worthy challenge that will address both their academic and spiritual growth.

Please note that as a private school, we admit and retain students selectively.  While we exercise grace as a matter of Christian practice, we reserve the right to admit or dismiss families for cause or no cause, at the discretion of the Headmaster and the Board.  Dismissals may be appealed only to the Geneva Academy Board of Directors.

Admissions Priority

Priority for admission will be as follows, subject to acceptance:

  1. Continuing students – those students who were re-enrolled during our defined re-enrollment period.  Continuing students who miss the re-enrollment deadline will lose this preferential standing and will be considered as new students in regard to admissions priority.
  2. Siblings of continuing students – those who have older (sometimes younger) siblings within the same household who have matriculated at least one school year at Geneva Academy.
  3. New students – applicants new to the school, or who have not been continuously enrolled.  Please note that we do not admit necessarily on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Among applications of equal merit, the date of application is a consideration.  However, we reserve the right as a private school to admit families first who most closely fit our stated Acceptance Standards.

Admissions Procedure

Once a family has been notified of their acceptance, they may complete the online enrollment process.  This will include signing the Enrollment Agreement, the Financial Commitment Form, and the Discipline Policy.  Enrollment, testing, and activity fees must be paid prior to a student being seated.

Student placement testing may occur before or after acceptance, depending on the timing of the application and the availability of staff to administer tests.  The school reserves the right to make final decisions as to the student’s readiness to enter a particular grade.  Success at another school in the prior academic year does not automatically qualify a new student for the next grade or class higher.                                                        

Church Attendance Policy

Geneva Academy has sought from its founding to serve Jesus Christ and His Church by assisting families raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  By the term “Church” the Board means both the universal, invisible church (which consists of all those elected unto salvation) and the visible church (which consists of churches more or less pure, and which contain both believers and nonbelieving attendees).

Geneva affirms that Christ has given to His Church the ministry and sacraments of God for the sanctification and perfecting of the saints.  Furthermore, Christians are commanded to serve one another in communion, being gifted to do so for mutual benefit.  In Christian community, the body of Christ is edified and comforted and also worships together in fellowship.  The Scriptures are thus clear on the necessity of Christians to be part of a local church (see 1 Cor. 12:7-26 Eph. 4:11-16, Heb. 10:24-25, 1 John 3:16-17, etc.)

Therefore, the Board of Geneva Academy urges regular family attendance or membership at a church that teaches Biblical doctrine.  (One indication of a Biblical church is if it affirms historic Church creeds such as the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed).  In general, regular attendance is assumed to be normative for Geneva families and is a factor for acceptance and may be for re-enrollment.

The Board understands there will be families new to the area still seeking a church, others transitioning to a new church, families who attend a church at a distance that makes weekly attendance problematic, and still others experiencing significant medical or other situations that make attendance difficult.   The Board recognizes that families prevented from attending a morning worship service may still be active in a church community through small groups, mid-week services, etc. 

Geneva Academy is non-denominational and the school does not prescribe attendance at a particular church.