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Third Grade

Third Grade


Daily Bible instruction with a challenge to apply God’s truth to all of life

Studying the Gospel of John and the book of Joshua

Chapel on Wednesdays with Christ-like character emphasis in instruction and challenge to apply to life

CREDO:  Weekly memorization of a verse and basic doctrinal truth done in classical question/answer format



Development of the use of cursive in all areas of writing

Continue to develop neat printing through practice



Grade appropriate books are chosen from the Veritas School list for each child based on that child’s reading level and ability to comprehend

Books are read and discussed daily and many are coordinated with history

Comprehension and interpretation exercises accompany each book

Book reports on reading done out of class and book report projects based on age-appropriate abilities (3 projects done this year based on grade level)

Constant work on comprehension, gathering information, reading for meaning or detail, and inference


In-class reading list

Charlotte’s Web and booklet

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and booklet

Mr. Popper’s Penguin

Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrims (book report)

The Matchlock Gun

Owls in the Family (book report)

 Homer Price (book report)

Seaman’s Adventures with Lewis and Clark

Sarah Plain and Tall (book report)

The Courage of Sarah Noble



Spell to Read and Write by Wanda Sensari; a phonetics based program that emphasizes phonemic awareness.


Spell to Read and Write by Wanda Sensari; a phonetics based program which emphasizes phonics-based spelling through dictation rather than copying

Integration of history, science, language, math vocabulary

Correct spelling and accurate copying required on all assignments



Mastery of Sieker Grammar Chants on all nine parts of speech

Easy Grammar Level 3

Correctly identify and label every word in certain sentence patterns according to its part of speech and usage in the sentence



Accurate formula writing where students create sentences based on the grammatical patterns given

Imitation writing based on the Narrative Stage of the Classical Composition published by Memoria Press. 

Creative writing integrated with science and history

Use of dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia and World Books

Questions on assignments answered in classical style

Accurate spelling, well-written sentences, and paragraphs required on all assignments



Singapore math in  Primary Mathematics Level 3

Level Up mental math worksheets from mastery of math facts


At the end of this class, successful students will be able to do the following:

  • count up to 10,000 and recognize number patterns
  • add and subtract ones, tens, hundreds and thousands
  • multiply and divide by hundreds, tens and ones
  • demonstrate mastery of multiplication and division for 6,7,8 and 9 fact families
  • count with money, and tell time with different units
  • demonstrate familiarity with angles, and calculate area and perimeter
  • measure length, weight, and capacity
  • use to bar graphs to solve word problems



Teacher created resources on The Reformation

Early Explorers, Colonial Experience and American Revolution Teacher developed interactive notebook

Early Explorers, Colonial Experience and American Revolution History Pockets by Evan Moor

Many supplemental history/storybooks to enrich, from Troll Press

Many teacher-created comprehension exercises and activities

Many chants and sound-offs to facilitate learning facts

Map skills with a focus on the United States and North America

States Cards and Presidential Packet



Many teachers created materials from personal book and library sources

Logos School Science materials on Study of God’s Creation, with teacher-created workbooks and interactive assignments on Botany, and Entomology

Caryn Pattison’s Study of God’s World through Astronomy

Taxonomy and Classification by Milliken Press

Many chants and sound-offs to facilitate learning facts

Some integrated artwork of things being studied

Field trip to Umpqua Community College



Teacher created Latin curriculum building vocabulary and understanding of classical culture



Emphasis on 2-dimensional design; integrating essential elements of art;Drawing from life and other photographs or paintings, incorporating science and history curriculum; developing a sense of wonder and interest in art’s function in the Christian life.



Introductory Choral Music using the Kodaly Method

Folk songs, hymns, patriotic songs and Christian holiday works are introduced and practiced



Twice a week with exercises, stretching, and games.

Emphasis on teamwork, good sportsmanship, and general fitness