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Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade


Daily Bible instruction with a challenge to apply God’s truth to all of life 

Studying Deuteronomy, Colossians, James, Ezra, Nehemiah and Psalms 119 

Chapel on Wednesdays with Christ-like character emphasis and challenge to apply to life 

CREDO:  Weekly memorization of a verse and basic doctrinal truth (with focus given to the Lord's Prayer) done in classical question/answer format 


Students develop the facility to use either printing or cursive depending on requirements of the assignment (i.e. maps, some science, some math require printing, other written work is done mostly in cursive) 


Free reading books are chosen from the Logos School list for each child based on that child’s reading level and ability to comprehend 

Comprehension and interpretation exercises accompany each book 

Daily oral reading from the Bible and Science are given feedback by the teacher to develop reading skills, comprehension and vocabulary acquisition 

Book reports on reading done out of class and book report projects based on age-appropriate abilities 

Constant work is done on comprehension, gathering information, reading for meaning or detail, and inference 

In-class Reading 

Johnny Tremain 

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch 

A Cup of Cold Water 

Call of the Wild 

A Father’s Promise 

Sergeant York 

Hiding Place 

Selected Tales from Shakespeare 


Spell to Write and Read, Back Home Industries, by Wanda Sanseri 

Wise Guide to Spelling, Back Home Industries, by Wanda Sanseri, approximately list T – Z 


Easy Grammar Level Six, by Wanda Phillips  


Writing three and five-paragraph essays with three-point thesis statements on classroom worksheets 

Each student writes at least one research paper following research paper guidelines from Shurley Grammar 

Classical well-formed sentences expected on all worksheets where appropriate 

Imitation writing based on lessons in Classical Composition Commonplace and Common topic 


 Singapore approach in Primary Mathematics Level 6 

Level Up exercises in mental mathematics and fact family mastery  

At the end of this class, successful students will be able to do the following: 

  • draw solid figures and nets 
  • write algebraic expressions 
  • calculate and change ratios, fractions and proportions  
  • understand part of a whole as a proportion, one quantity as a percentage of another  
  • solve percentage problems by a unitary method 
  • calculate speed and average speed 
  • divide fractions 
  • perform the proper order of operations on fractions 
  • solve word problems involving fractions, whole numbers and decimals, ratios percentages and rates of speed 
  • calculate circle radius and diameter, circumference and area 
  • identify the parts of a pie chart 
  • solve volume problems 
  • find unknown angles of triangles and quadrilaterals 


Introduction to American history from the Gilded Age to the Present using Heritage Studies 5, Bob Jones University Press 

Exploring American History, Christian Liberty Press 

The Men Who Built American History, DVD Series, History Channel 

Appropriate videos and books for WWI and WWII 


Chemistry, electricity, magnetism, motion, and astronomy from Science 6, Bob Jones University Press 

Teacher selected books and videos for each unit 


Most students will be working through Grammar Latin Level 4; Teacher created resources 


Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes 

Discovering Great Artists by Mary Ann Kohl and Kim Solga 


Introductory Choral Music with the Kodaly method 

Folk songs, hymns, patriotic songs, and Christian holiday works are introduced and practiced 


Twice a week with exercises, stretching, and games. 

Emphasis on general fitness 


Field Trips

Field trips and classroom visitors or special events: 2 visits to the UCC Observatory, Visit from Mr. Sy Byle to share his early years in Holland during WWII, Visit from Mr. Steve Hammell to share his slides from the Vietnam War, Watch Sergeant York, Trip to the Evergreen Air and Space Museum in McMinnville,  Trip to the VA to sing patriotic and military songs, Trip to River Forks Park to shoot off rockets, watch: Tora, Tora, Tora, Tuskegee Airmen, Anne Frank.