Employment Opportunities

Applicants to Geneva Academy should be mature Christians and students of the Bible. An applicant should be able to articulate the classical Christian model of education and have the ability to apply it with excellence in the classroom. Applicants should look closely at our Teacher Job Description and Application before applying.

Hiring for the 2018-19 academic year is complete.  However, part time faculty and aide positions do arise last minute sometimes, and we would be happy to receive your letters of interest.  For the 2019-20 academic year, we anticipate hiring at least one full time grammar school teacher, a full time Latin & English teacher, and coverage (full or part time will depend on discipline) in mathematics, science, and the humanities.  It is also likely that we will be searching for a full time Academic Dean.

Applicants for Grammar School faculty positions should be mature Christians who love teaching children.  They must be able to weave theology into all their subjects, and integrate grammar, writing, science, history, math, and reading.  They need to be able to awaken wonder and joy in God’s hand over all areas of study while maintaining positive and respectful class discipline.  They need to hold students to high moral and academic standards.

Secondary humanities applicants should be able to enthrall students with great works of literature, theology, and history while developing students’ abilities to observe, reason, speak, and write.  They must be able to wisely deepen the Christian faith of their charges.  Candidates should be proficient with master works and be articulate, yet of good humor and humble.

Science and math oriented applicants should be able to lead students through fascinating and challenging explorations of their disciplines.  They should also be able to wisely deepen the Christian faith of their charges.  They will need to shun plug & chug methodologies and instead develop logic & rhetoric oriented approaches.

Candidates with knowledge of classical Christian methodology & experience in the classroom are preferred.  Send letter of interest & resume to Geneva Academy, P.O. Box 1154, Roseburg, OR 97470 or email info@GenevaRoseburg.com.

Geneva Academy is always grateful for the Lord’s provision of classroom volunteers. Would you like to help us train this generation of talented and wonderful children? Children who will one day shape families, businesses, churches, our community, our civilization? Retired teachers or those considering teaching as a profession are encouraged to contact the school. Classroom volunteers help at all levels, from helping to grade papers and assisting with special days to tutoring and substitute teaching. Even just a few hours a week may make a difference for a class or for a child. If interested, please call 541-637-7500 or email info@GenevaRoseburg.com.

For more information on how you can be involved with Geneva Academy please visit our Support Geneva page.