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Tuition Assistance Policy

I. Introduction

The Geneva Academy Tuition Assistance Program has been established to fulfill the school’s desire to make a classical and Christian education available to as many qualified students as possible.

II. Application

Tuition assistance applications will be made available to families during the re-enrollment/open enrollment period.  Applicants must complete their enrollment packets and then submit a completed tuition assistance application with information on all sources of income, including unemployment, disability, stipends, and the first two pages of their 1040. Applications will not be considered until all documentation has been received.    Families will be notified of the status of their application as soon as possible, however, closure of the application period will vary depending on the number of funds available and the number of applicants.

III. Duration

In order for funds to benefit the most possible students, assistance will be made available to students for a time period deemed appropriate by the tuition assistance committee; between 1 and 3 years in most cases. Realizing that every family’s circumstances are unique, needs will be evaluated on an individual basis, allowing for some families to receive assistance for a longer time period.

IV. Confidentiality

All information on the application will be kept confidential within the tuition assistance committee and board of directors.  No information will be shared unless it is for an official reason deemed necessary by the committee.  The identity of tuition assistance recipients will be kept confidential.

V. Candidacy

Candidacy will be based first on a family’s financial need.  The committee will also take into consideration a family’s commitment to classical and Christian education, their future ability to pay for tuition without assistance and their willingness to help with the development and growth of the school.  A student’s desire to attend Geneva Academy, his dedication to academic excellence and teacher/pastor recommendations will also be taken into consideration.

VI.  Academic Achievement

Students receiving assistance must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better throughout the academic year for which they are receiving funds.  If the student’s grade point average falls below 3.0 at the end of any quarter, a meeting will be held between the student’s family, his teacher and the headmaster.  The student will then be placed on academic probation for the duration of the next quarter.  If the student’s grade point average is not brought up to a 3.0 or better by the end of the probationary period, the student’s assistance will be discontinued.

VII. Service Hours

If chosen to receive tuition assistance, a family will complete a minimum of 50 hours of service during the school year for which they are receiving funds.  These service hours can be fulfilled in many ways, including helping directly in the classroom, assisting teachers with classroom preparation, cleaning classrooms and school facilities, organizing field trips and service projects, driving for field trips and service projects, helping with office/administrative tasks, fundraising projects, and any other use of a parent’s God-given talents for the benefit of the school.  Families will be required to keep a log of their service hours.  This log must be submitted to the school administration by the end of the school year.

VIII. Disbursement

Tuition assistance funds awarded to a family will be disbursed equally over the course of ten or twelve months, depending on the payment plan chosen by the family.  Families may not use funds to pay their enrollment/deposit fees.

IX. Tuition Discounts

Recipients are not eligible for tuition discounts, including sibling and early payment discounts.


For more information on Geneva’s Tuition Assistance Program please contact the Registrar. 

Kori Shellard, Registrar