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Homework Policy

Homework Philosophy

Homework is an integral part of an excellent academic program and serves several functions:  drill, practice remediation, special projects, and extra credit.  The amount of homework a student needs to complete varies from day to day, from grade to grade, and from student to student.  Students who are new to Geneva Academy and/or “catching up” may initially need to invest more time as they transition into the school.  Below is Geneva Academy’s general philosophy regarding homework. The guidelines are approximate times, not required minimum times.

Students often need some amount of extra practice in specific, new concepts, skills, or facts.  In certain subjects (e.g. math or languages), there is not enough time in a school day to do as much practice as may be necessary for mastery.  Therefore, after reasonable in-class time is spent on the material, the teacher may assign homework to allow for the necessary practice.

Repeated, short periods of practice or study of new information is often a better way to learn than one long period of study.

Since Geneva Academy recognizes that parental involvement is critical to a child’s education, homework can be used as an opportunity for parents to actively assist their child in his studies.  This involvement will also keep the parents informed as to the current topics of study in the class.

Homework may also be assigned to students who, having been given adequate time to complete an assignment in class, did not use the time wisely.  The homework in this situation serves a corrective, as well as practical purpose.


K5 10
1st/2nd 10-20
3rd/4th 20-30
5th/6th 30-45
7th/8th 60-120
11th/12th 150-180