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Each instructor of Geneva Academy must:

  1. Fully agree with and subscribe to the Geneva Academy Faculty Statement of Faith
  2. Demonstrate in life, word, and deed a clear personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ
  3. Be a faithful attender, in good standing, of a local, evangelical church
  4. Not be a recent convert (a Christian for less than two years)
  5. Display a working knowledge of the Old and New Testaments, especially in regard to God’s creation, man’s sin, Christ’s redemptive work, and the Christian family
  6. Subscribe to Geneva Academy’s Moral Integrity Policy and abide by the Moral Integrity Statement.


Each instructor of Geneva Academy must:

  1. Understand the purpose and philosophy of Geneva Academy and be in agreement with its Mission and Vision Statements
  2. Teach using classical and Christian educational methods and demonstrate a willingness to be trained further in the same
  3. Show educational preparation/accomplishment. A bachelor’s degree is preferred
  4. Have previous teaching experience (paid or unpaid)
  5. Demonstrate good written and oral communication skills
  6. Show exemplary personal and social skills that would foster good relations with students, parents, and staff
  7. Have criminal history clearance (fingerprinting)



Provide Spiritual Leadership

The teacher is expected to model Christian love, joy, faith, and spiritual maturity to students, parents, and staff.  The teacher must be a student of the Bible, to use and reference the Scriptures in daily lessons, to apply Biblical principles in student discipline, and to encourage in students a relationship with God nourished by His Word.

Teach Assigned Subjects with Excellence

The instructor is to plan an annual program of study using the Geneva Academy curriculum guide.  Classes are to follow prescribed scope and sequence and employ materials and methods approved by the Headmaster.  The teacher’s knowledge, experience, and interest in the subjects are to be reflected in challenging, stimulating, and age-appropriate lessons.  Individualized instruction is expected for K-5 through third grade. 

Maintain a Disciplined and Focused Classroom

The teacher is expected to create an orderly, encouraging classroom environment.  This includes instilling in students self-governance, recognition of and repentance of sin, and a desire to put forth best efforts.  The teacher is expected to enforce school rules and deal with most corrective discipline situations within the classroom.  The room itself is to be kept clean, attractive, and well-ordered.  The teacher should establish daily and weekly class routines, such as submitting homework, reciting chants, recognizing accomplishments, etc. 

Regularly Communicate with Parents

K-5 and Grammar level teachers are expected to communicate with the parents of their students on a weekly basis; logic and rhetoric level teachers are expected to communicate to parents at least twice a month.  Regular written communication may be supplemented by phone calls and less formal conversations.  Appreciation or concern about student achievement and behavior should be clearly explained to parents and pupils through grade reports, corrected assignments, personal contact, and parent/student/teacher conferences.  Parents should at all at times feel informed about what the class is doing and welcome to visit or be involved as chaperones, classroom volunteers, readers, etc.  Teachers should respond quickly to the parent or student concerns and ideas.

Keep Accurate Records

The teacher must record daily attendance, keep up-to-date accounts of student achievement, establish a pattern of returning graded assignments, and assist the Headmaster in distributing and/or collecting school notices and forms.

Participate in the Mission of the School

The classical Christian teacher renders the highest hopes of the Academy into daily lessons and interactions with children.  This critical work makes the teacher a representative of the school in the classroom and in the community.   The teacher, therefore, is expected to welcome the role and also to assist the Academy improve its program and instructional content. 

Observe Professional Standards

The instructor is expected to attend staff meetings and special events such as soirees and graduations.  The teacher must be careful to observe professional standards in punctuality, attention to duties, speech and dress, and compliance with the directions of Geneva Academy administrators.